• TS-890S
  • TS-890S

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HF/50MHz/70MHz Transceiver

The most rewarding results often take place when faced with the harshest and most challenging conditions. There are enthusiasts who know this all too well because of their love of HF. KENWOOD has the answer. Achieve results through certainty and not circumstance. Delivered through the impeccable receiver and audio performance. This is our offering to you.

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This is the first model from the company to also support 4m band
4 kinds of built-in roofing filters : 500Hz / 2.7kHz / 6kHz / 15kHz (270Hz Option)
7 inch Color TFT Display :
- Roofing Frequency Sampling Band Scope
- Band Scope Auto-Scroll Mode
- Multi-Information Display including Filter Scope
Clean and Tough 100W* Output
Built-in High-Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner
32-bit Floating-Point DSP for RX/TX and Band Scope